Although a fast-increasing number of people are becoming interested in their Family's History...
   who they are;
   who their ancestors were;

   where they come from:
   where did they live?;
   what were their lives actually like

in today's modern lifestyle, a large number of these people simply don't have the time, knowledge, nor inclination, to find out these facts unaided.

That's where we come in....
We do all the research, trawling through Births, Deaths and Marriages, Census Returns, and myriads of small depositories, searching for all references to your ancestors. We then assemble all this information into one coherent whole, and supply you with the results of our Research in the form of a fully-proven Family Tree - something that you will be proud to display in your home or office, and pass down to future generations.


What Does It Cost?

  • Family History Research Packages: 

  • One surname line traced back to the early 1800s - £175
  • Two surname lines, or mother's and father's lines, as above- £300
  • Full Ancestry - all your ancestors traced back to the early 1800s, as above- £500
  • All our packages come with the relevant Birth and Marriage certificates to prove the linkage

    If your ancestors were Immigrants, this may restrict the amount of research that we can do, as access to other countries records are usually far more restricted than to our own. In that case, we will go back as far as we can, and a proportionate sum will be refunded.
  • Prices are fully inclusive - no hidden costs or surprises.
  • 50% deposit required in advance, with balance on completion of research


 Other Services Offered:

  Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate:

  If full reference is supplied                                   £15.00
  1 Year Search or to confirm a GRO Reference                                                                         £
  5 Year Search for 1 person                                          £
  10 Year Search for 1 person                                       £

Price includes copy of Certificate, and postage.


  Census Return:

  If Piece Number and Folio Reference are supplied      £6.00
  Known address, but no PRO Reference supplied        £
  Small Village search                                                        £
  Large Town or City search £
15.00 per 1/2 hour search

All Census Returns are supplied as Family Household with copy of original entry

  Commissioned Research to your specifications 

£20 per hour (2 hours Minimum)  plus any additional database access charges that we may have to incur (usually not necessary).

CONTACT ME with your requirements, and we can get started on YOUR AncestorTracing: